Passion and the last post on this website.

For many many years my passion was photography and teaching it to all who wanted to learn the art. I started out doing B/W photography when I was in the Dutch Marines and learned to develop film and print my own photo’s. Later I went to the Dutch police and kept on doing photography including crime scene photography.

Learning photography is a never ending story, there are so many ways you can get proficient in it as there are ways how to capture your photo’s.

I still have a passion for photography but not for teaching it anymore. People were getting so greedy and selfish, they wanted everything for free and quit giving feedback. I was also feeling that I was taken advantage off over and over by people who promised a lot but never let their promises materialize.

So this is probably the last post on this website. While I will keep doing photography you are on your own from here on.

This website has been up for about 6 years and might be gone one day in the mean time learn photography from the best articles collected here.

Good luck and keep shooting!


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