Mobley Connect Repeater info


Yes there are cheaper options however this repeater is the only one that can provide internet via;
-Network cable from another router
Tethered phone or Mobley (USB) (Faster connection then Wireless)
-Re-transmit wireless from the campground router or a booster or the mobley. (WISP mode)

Most so called travel routers can only use the WISP mode re-transmit or network cable option and they only have a build in antenna. Our repeater has two antenna’s that doubles the strenght of the signal.

The repeater connects virtually unlimited devices to the Mobley and creates a separate network inside your RV.
Comes already configured and ready to go with printed instructions.
(Be aware when connecting 15 or more devices at the same time your Mobley may slow down depending on usage)
This very small (5″ x 5″ x 2″) WiFi repeater will connect to your Mobley and re-transmits the signal at about 150 Mbs.
(The repeater is 300 Mbs capable but splits the speed between your devices and the Mobley)
Comes with easy to read instruction how to change the setup and how to connect your devices.
Most repeaters use a 110 Volt socket however this one is using a 5 Volt 1A USB adapter and can be plugged into a USB port of your laptop or use a phone charger for maximum flexibility.
Power adapter (Phone charger) and USB cable included.


  • Powered by Qualcomm QCA9531 SoC, 650MHz CPU
  • 300Mbps high speed
  • 128MB RAM
  • 16MB Nor+ 128MB Nand dual flash, space doesn’t matters anymore
  • Small, light, easy to use
  • OpenWrt pre-installed
  • UART, PCIe interfaces.
  • External antenna optional support
  • 2.4 Ghz WiFi (5 Ghz is not supported)

This repeater pushes the hardware specs to the limit by using a fast 650Mhz CPU and 128M nand flash, making it a portable PC in your pocket.

With 128M nand flash, storage is not a problem for OpenWrt. It is super fast. Check how the performance is improved compared to Nor flash.

Note: The mobley will be plugged in with a cable instead of the USB stick as shown in the picture.

  1. Internet cable plugged into a router or booster that has a connection to the internet.
  2. Wireless connection to the campground wifi, another router or your Mobley
  3. USB connection to your Mobley
  4. USB connection to your phone

This repeater has only one USB port so plugging in your Mobley and a phone the same time is not possible.