Mobley tips, tricks, questions and answers

Q: Where can I find a manual?
A: Here is a PDF file for download

Q: How can I connect more then 5 devices to the Mobley?
A: Use a WiFi repeater to connect to the mobley and connect your devices via the repeater 

Q: Why is the Mobley slower then my 4G LTE phone?
A: The Mobley is a 4G LTE device but does not support Carrier Aggregation like your phone.

Q: Why is my Mobley turning off after 30 minutes or 2 hours?
A: This is a default setting of the Mobley. Log in to the Mobley and go to Settings->Advanced->Power Save and choose “No Time Out” and click apply.

Q: How do I log into the Mobley?
A: Connect to the Mobley via WiFi and type into your browser. You should now see a login screen. Default password is attadmin

Q: I changed the password of the Mobley and forgot what it is, how can I log in again?
A: If you change your login and cannot remember it, you will need to perform a hardware reset. To do this, press and hold the Reset button until LED 1 turns red (about 7 seconds) to restore your device to Factory Default Settings, this deletes all stored user information. You may then use the default login found on the label of your device or on the cling included in the package.

Q: What is the typical speed of the Mobley?
A: There are many factors that causes the Mobley to be slower at any given time including signal strength,  time of day and tower congestion. The average is somewhere between 10 and 40 Mbs download speed.

Q: Sometimes my Mobley “freezes” but it still looks like it is on the internet but nothing works.
A: Unplugging the power and plugging it back in resets the Mobley and connects to the Internet again.

Q: What are these lights on the Mobley?
A: Turn the Mobley so you can read ZTE on the opposite side of the plug. The left light indicates if the Mobley is on, the right side indicates if the Mobley is connected to the cell tower. Both lights have to be on to be able to connect to the internet.

Q: How can I see how much data I have used in my pay period?
A: Login to your AT&T account

Q: When I login using a mobile device I do not see the full menu, can I change this?
Delete the /m from the middle of the URL to get the full menu.  The address for the full menu after you log in is (no /m)

Q: Has anyone had issues setting up an online account? I get an error code each time I try to register a user ID, not sure if this is specific to the Mobley. The online AT&T chat help hasn’t been any help either.
A: When you are a new user it takes a day or two before you can register for an account. I had the same issues that it did not recognize my AT&T Mobley phone number.