George and Ms. Tioga

I never told the story how I became interested in buying an RV. But first let me introduce you to Geoge and Ms. Tioga;

Hi Everybody!

My name is George.

I am a Fulltime Boondocking Vagabond! And I have the…

“Best Job In The World!”
I live in a Recreational Vehicle (RV), whose name is Ms. Tioga. Everywhere that I roam, is home. I’ve camped in some of the most beautiful places in America, for free, mind you.

Would you like to hear about the “Best Job In The World?” Good, I thought that you would never ask!

My job is to publish a WebBlog, Blog for short. My Blog is called,,,,

“The Adventures of Tioga and George-Vagabonders Supreme!”
It is published almost every single day. It is the story of the TiogaRV Team, and tells where we go and what we do. There are tons of pictures, pics we call them, to cover our miraculous journey.

But that’s not all! We have web pages attached to the Blog. These web pages cover a bunch of subjects. For example; camping, cooking, traveling and maintaining RVs. I have a World of Subjects to choose to write about.

My over riding mission is to share with you the world of boondocking and dry camping in the hope that you will try these ways of camping yourself.

Since I love to write and I love to share, almost more than anything, I am able to state that I have the…..

“Best Job In The World!”
Bye for now,

To keep in touch with his cancer support group George started a blog about his life.

He blogged almost every day since May 2003 and had an awesome setup to the internet with a Datastorm Dish with satellite internet. Wow that was a neat setup although very expensive. He was a witty and technical knowledgeable guy who was always enhancing and fixing his own stuff. Everything he did he documented and explained why he it stuff and where to get it. His adventures were all over Western America and boon-docking was his favorite. Boon-dokking was his choice because of limited income. Later on he made some money with his blog using advertisements with google adds. His blog became more known with many people.

Like all of us he had his set backs. He talks about his son Dave sometimes who was found in the Sierra Nevada, dead from a gunshot in his head that happened in 2010. This still bothers him a lot, sometimes he will bring it up in his blog.

Of-course also breakdowns and being stuck in the mud is part of his blog and fixing and inventing solutions was a great deal of writing. What struck me most was that he talked about how he was feeling and what he was thinking of places and situations. He was and is still honest in his opinion. The most funny is that he names things in his RV like his GPS “Mr. DeLorme” and he has conversation with them too, so funny! That is why he talks about “me and The Team”

Read the team introduction here: Tioga & George Team Introduction

I did follow his blog until about the end of 2014. His adventure ended in March 2014 when he was found passed out in a field next to the highway in his RV. Someone followed him and said that he drove off the highway. A few days later he had surgery to fix a heart problem. His blogging was sporadic in 2015 however in 2016 he picked up the pace again and is still blogging on this day of writing.

His blogs are still relevant and interesting to read. Now he gets out in his Scampy, a small towable camper. Give him a visit and leave some comments. He would sure like it.

He inspired me to start RV-ing because of all the places you can go and adventures you might encounter. Let me know below in the comments how and why did you start with your RV?

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