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Generators from Costco

Smarter Tools 2000-watt Parallel Capable Inverter Generator with Yamaha® Engine   Features: Yamaha® MZ80 Engine, Super-Quiet Muffler, USFS-Approved Spark Arrestor, Low Oil Shutdown The Yamaha® powered Smarter Tools® AP-2000iQ is whisper quiet, lightweight, and easy to use. Capable of powering sensitive electronics and loaded with features such as a fuel gauge, USB charging outlet, easy

Being Electrically Abundant in a Mostly Electric RV

From: The adventures and musings of Chris Dunphy & Cherie Ve Ard Source: http://www.technomadia.com/2015/02/back-to-boondocking-being-electrically-abundant-in-a-mostly-electric-rv/ We’ve seen it advised so many times on RVing groups and forums, if you want to boondock – you have to rely on propane for cooking, refrigeration, hot water heating and heating. If your coach is electrically dependent, don’t bother trying to

Connecting to the internet all the options

Published on Nov 28, 2014 Chris Dunphy & Cherie Ve Ard of http://www.RVMobileInternet.com and authors of ‘The Mobile Internet Handbook’ overview the basic options for mobile internet for RVers. From cellular, WiFi, satellite and signal enhancing, we discuss what works and what doesn’t. For more information: http://www.rvmobileinternet.com More about the book: http://www.rvmobileinternet.com/book Another good article

RV Satellite TV and Making a Choice

David talks about Satellite TV for your RV: Source: http://www.outsideourbubble.com/rv-satellite-tv-making-a-choice :Rant: What really gets me though is why the RV industry seems to always include a DirecTV satellite receiver in the coach that comes with a dome.  This makes no sense at all seeing that everything else in the coach is setup for HiDef (HDTV).

Private RV Wi-Fi and Making a Better Park Connection for Under $100

David has a very nice setup and explanatory video how you can improve your WiFi and have a permanent network in your RV. Source: http://www.outsideourbubble.com/secure-private-rv-wi-fi-and-making-a-better-park-connection-for-under-100 What can we say, we all would like a much better connection to an RV Parks Wi-Fi. For at times, you just can’t reach based on where you are parked