Options to heat your RV

From TheRVgeeks Published on Mar 13, 2015 Propane furnace? Electric heat pumps? Hydronic system? Space heater? What’s the best way to stay warm in an RV? It all depends on the temperature and how & where you RV. Don’t know whether to fire up the propane furnace or plug in the portable space heater? Is

How much propane do I have left

SOURCE: http://modernsurvivalblog.com/preps/how-to-tell-how-full-or-empty-your-propane-tank-really-is/#more-36698 Nearly everyone has the typical 20-pound (5-gallon) barbeque grill propane tank, and many preppers have stocked up with extra tanks for various reasons – but how do you accurately know how empty or full your tank really is? Here’s the best way to find out how much propane is left in your tank: